Can increase penis: check 10 safe and effective ways

Some men may have a crazy thought: why not enlarge your penis? Is it possible to make it a bit longer and thicker? At this point, you can open our document and find this useful educational article. We announce: yes, it is possible. But there are nuances.

a man looks at his pants and wants to widen his dick

Now for a few surprising scientific discoveries: studies regularly show that a lot of guys worry too much about the size of their devices, which are actually perfectly normal sizes. Unfortunately - due to the availability of pornographic material these days - a common misconception is that a cock that is too big will give a girlfriend more pleasure. Big mistake. A 2017 study found that a combination of deep kissing, genital stimulation, and oral sex was more likely to bring women to orgasm.

What's next from this? Chances are your penis is fine. However, if you want to increase, there are several options. Some methods are extremely expensive and/or painful, while others do not even guarantee lasting results. We have collected dozens of existing penis enlargement methods and ranked them from the most optimal to the most useful.

10. Insert the implant

Los Angeles-based surgeon James Elist Godot claims to be the only person in the world to perform a special length and thickness increase using a silicone implant known as a "Penuma". Elist claims that on average, the length increases by 3. 8 cm, and the circumference - up to 6 cm; and he installed 1, 3 thousand of these implants. Cons: The surgery costs $13, 000 and the patient is at risk for infection or damage to the implant.

Dermatologist Jesse Chen adds: 'The implant is like a permanent erection that can prevent you from moving. Imagine you are jogging with an erect cock at the ready. . .

9. Cut ligaments

Some surgeons are able to perform lengthening surgery by cutting the ligaments of the penis, allowing it to protrude a little further from the body. Of course, this comes with serious risks: scar tissue formation, pain during an erection, a similar infection, or, for example, loss of sensitivity (or even total function, so to speak. ). In addition, it is very expensive, and studies have found that this procedure will add about 1. 2 cm. Agree, this is not what the patient expected.

Chen notes that after such a cosmetic surgery, it can be difficult to maintain an erection and generally penetrate where it is needed in certain positions.

8. Inject fat

In this procedure, the surgeon first performs liposuction, injects some fat from the patient from elsewhere, and then injects the pathogen with a syringe. As a result, as researchers are constantly finding, the length (less than 2. 5 cm), girth (more than 2. 5 cm) and the weight of the organ can be slightly increased. Heart-to-heart is not forever, over time, your fat friend can shrink back to its original size. Also, as with any surgical intervention, there are certain risks. Here's an example: A 30-year-old patient died after having penis enlargement surgery because fat somehow got into his lungs and stopped him breathing.

7. Platelet-rich plasma (blood) injection

A relatively new approach: the procedure involves extracting platelet-rich plasma and injecting it into the penis, which stimulates blood flow and eventually makes the organ larger.

"The classic approach involves injections to pump blood mechanically over several weeks, which helps stretch the suspensory ligament to increase length and improve circulation, " explains Chen. Stem cells and exosomes are also very popular in my practice, as they provide faster and more consistent improvements in function and size. "

But right now, there isn't enough research to consider this a good long-term option.

6. Try jelq (jelqing)

It is unknown when jelqing first appeared, it is likely that they began to be used in the ancient Arab civilization. What we do know is a certain manual stretching technique that many people try to increase the length and thickness of the penis.

"Most instructors advise to wait for an almost complete erection. Then you need to apply lubricant and firmly grasp the base of the penis around the thumb and forefinger. Squeeze the ring gently. and run your hand along the entire length, as if "milking" it. Immediately grasp the base with the other hand and repeat. "

Can Jelq Really Make Penis Bigger? Most medical professionals say no, and add that it can even cause harm, such as causing penile curvature. Grant Stoddard has been trying to lose himself with jelqing for two weeks and has seen no change in size.

"Using a penis pump really helps with blood circulation, " says Chen.

5. Walk around with the extender

Several devices have been developed that men can wear daily under their clothes to gradually lengthen the penis and increase its length and/or girth.

Some experts believe these devices might work, and a very small 2015 study found that one set of extensions added nearly an inch and a half to penis length. The same hero Stoddard tried an extender designed for men with Peyronie's disease (which he did not). After using the device for almost a month, he noticed an increase of about 1. 2 cm in length.

However, Jamin Brambhatt, a urologist in Florida, says the discomfort and potential for scarring is not worth it: "There's not a lot of research on the benefits of stretchers and you'll have to wear them duringa few hours a day on the most sensitive days. part of your body. "

4. Inject dermal fillers

Dermal filler injections are another method that can increase waist circumference up to 2. 5 cm (if injected for a long time). The method is popular with Chen's patients because they "receive an immediate increase in length and thickness. "

But the effect is only temporary. "The longevity of the filler depends on your level of sexual activity, as more movement increases the metabolism of the filler. There are also potential side effects, " says Chung. , including swelling and bruising under the skin.

A guy who underwent this procedure gave an interview where he talked about another side effect - a change in shape (curvature):

"Despite Dr. Schafer's advice to wait with sex, I probably started too soon, too long and too engrossed after the first injection. This happened before the filler was even applied. completely connected to the tissues of my penis. If I used to have a very smooth and beautiful penis, now it's a little bulging in the middle. Perhaps the bulge isn't that big, but I noticed it. something, because I examined my penis very closely, about 42-43 years old.

Fortunately, the doctor was able to correct the appearance with additional injections at the follow-up appointment.

3. Put in the faucet (for sex)

They are sold in adult supply stores and simply need to be worn over the penis, like condoms - only larger in size and usually made of silicone. The attachments were originally developed for medical purposes, but today many people also use them as sex toys. "They increase thickness and length and may have ribs or other support points in the outer or inner wall to provide stimulation to either partner, " Chen said in an interview.

2. Shave your pubic hair

If you don't want to stretch or do anything, there's one simple thing you can do to make your penis look bigger: shave off your pubic hair. Think about it. When covered by a bush of pubic hair, it looks smaller than when it is seen in its halo.

1. Lose weight

On the one hand, this is an optical illusion: the penis will appear larger when not hidden under the protruding abdomen or thighs. On the other hand, by getting rid of excess fat, you will have higher testosterone levels and improved blood flow, which can increase sex drive and help the penis fill up during an erection.